The Work - Kris Tjornehoj
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The Work

producer | conductor | speaker

“While music education is at my core, and it always will be, the exploration and creativity I experience as a producer, conductor and speaker allows me the privilege of sharing what I love with others. I’ve had the honor and privilege of working with some of the most amazing musicians, composers and supporters of the arts in the world. As always, I can’t wait to compose my next piece of music, conduct the next group of amazing musicians and speak before the next group of people who are seekers of knowledge and enlightenment.”


Dr. Tjornehoj has created masterful compositions along with a number of commissioned pieces. She also collaborates with fellow accomplished composers, and performers, producing concerts for wind symphony, orchestra and chamber ensembles.


Whether Kris is conducting The Three Rivers Concert Band she co-founded in Wisconsin or traveling the world as a guest conductor, she brings an undeniable passion to each performance. Her exuberant style has been praised at concerts around the globe, including: China; England; France; Germany; Canada; Iceland; Scotland; Spain; Hungary; Austria; and the Czech Republic.


When Kris is conducting internationally she is also often invited to share her knowledge through lectures on a variety of music driven topics and theories. In turn, she also speaks throughout the United States as an educator and as a motivational speaker…both in person and via podcasts.

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“I look forward to hearing from you – and together – creating something spectacular!” – Kris